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My kitchen is where I love to be. I love spending time cooking. I don’t even feel the time passing when I am in my kitchen. Everyone loves food.  Food is best eaten as how we like it to be. There are no boundaries in cooking. I cook to explore the freedom that comes with having no rules whether with the ingredients, methods or the cuisines; it inspires me to take risks in trying out anything new. From cooking, grilling, steaming, frying, boiling and even baking, I dare to risk myself to explore anything new.

My husband, Alex Rajah, always encourages me to explore this passion to greater heights. From the first ever Chicken Briyani that I have cooked for him when we got married, which turned out to be a disaster till the one he loves eating now, he has been and is still being my greatest fan of my cooking.

I have this desire to share this cooking passion with all those who love cooking. If you feel cooking is difficult, then it will surely be difficult, if you put your whole heart, mind and soul into your cooking, the outcome will surely be overwhelming. Happy Cooking and Welcome to the “Kitchen of Sharon”.